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1st Generation Farm Fundraiser

As a first generation farmer there are alot of expenses that come along with establishing a successful farm business. Most of our revenue gets poured back into our farm land and equipment to pass down to our future generations. Due to this we haven't been able to budget for the decline of our current delivery vehicle. To alleviate some of the financial hardships that come along with car troubles we are doing an online raffle event to collect funds towards our new delivery van. Please consider purchasing a raffle ticket from us. Tickets will be drawn on April 1st, during our live facebook event. You do not need to attend to claim and collect your prize(s).

delivery van fundraiser_edited.jpg

Daigle Farm Delivery Van

Our current delivery van is a 2010 Ford Transit with approximately 225K miles on it. We have kept up with routine maintenance, but have faced issues with the power steering a few times now, as well as some electric issues. We are looking to upgrade to a similar model or a minivan to ensure a safer delivery trip each and every week.

How do we purchase a raffle ticket?

You can purchase a raffle ticket by filling out the form below. Once submitted, we will email you an invoice with your total and an option to pay via debit/credit. If you would like to pay via cash or check please contact us directly. If you would like to pay via Venmo  you may do so using our venmo name DaigleFarmCT. Thanks!

Raffle Ticket Form
Please select which prize(s) you would like to put your ticket(s) towards
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